Film Review: Um… (2013)

1:07.  Please don’t laugh at me.

But actually.  I love choir, what can I say?

Yeah, we had our BIG winter concerts this weekend – not to mention finals – so it’s been a little crazy over here, guys.  I still have more exams in my future – plus my job – and I’m unfortunately gonna have to put animate this on hiatus for a little while longer.  Yeah, it’s a bummer, but I am a student first and it really is important that I take care of myself during the next two weeks.  I hope you guys understand.


BUT, to tide you over, I am gonna reveal my next two reviews – two movies I absolutely LOVE for very different reasons: Frozen and South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut.  Who’s pumped.

south park 1

Frozen is already in the works, and I probably could’ve squeezed out a review today…but, honestly, I don’t wanna just rush through it and throw it up on this blog.  I want to take my time with these reviews and put out something I’m proud of…and something I know you’d enjoy.  So I’m going to hold off a little bit longer, if you guys don’t mind.

Anyways, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and ate lots of sweet potato fluff and pumpkin pie and turkey swimming in mashed potatoes…that sounds like a good time to me.  And, if finals are kickin’ YOUR butt too, I wish you all the best of luck!  Remember: less stress, more success!

Take care, guys.  I’ll be back soon!  In the meantime, LET’S HEAR SOME OF THOSE REQUESTS.  If you got a movie, a TV show, a webisode, anything animated you’d like to see discussed on animate this, hit me up the comments!  Don’t be shy!


4 thoughts on “Film Review: Um… (2013)

  1. I too am a student, so I know what finals are like, and it’s put me behind on my blogs as well. But so looking forward to your reviews, your “Frozen” one especially.

    Why did you put a “Mean Girls” video in the beginning, just curious? I’ve never seen that film before. Think I should check it out or is it purely a chick flick?

    • Oh, one of my favorite lines “I’ve been really busy with choir,” just perfectly conveyed what I’ve been going through lately. Mean Girls is going to become a comedy classic and I know guys and girls alike who love it too…I’d call it the Ferris Bueler’s Day Off of my generation. Plus Tina Fey wrote it so…it’s genius.

      Thanks for the support! Frozen will be up here in no time.

  2. I realize this isn’t typically a Japanese- or anime-themed blog, but what about something by Miyazaki such as Porco Rosso or Spirited Away? I would be interested to see your reactions to those films, as they are a few of my favorites.

    • I love Miyazaki! I’ve never seen Porco Rosso…I’ll definitely review some of his stuff, thanks for the suggestion! If you check out my post on my Favorite Animated Films of all time, you’ll probably appreciate #5.

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